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Music by The Dino Club

Bright Screen Wide (CD), 2005

Taking an "adult" approach from a traditional roots rock songbook the ten original songs on Bright Screen Wide celebrates the musician's love of cinema.

The recording delves into movie genres (How The West Wasn't Won), the industry itself (The Pitch), the denizens who populate Hollywood (Character,Golden Boy), iconic film figures (Lee Marvin's Eyes), the chills and spills of watching movies (The Trailer, Bigger Screen), moviemaking itself (Coming Attractions), other slightly less literal variations on the theme (Misery), and even a mini-movie scenario (Drive In).

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Bright Screen Wide

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Hey! Drink UpHey! Drink Up (CD), 2002

The songs that make up Hey! Drink Up are a virtual panorama of drinking and drunken experience. From the upbeat optimism of "High Song," to the first-person account of "Drinking in the Afternoon," to the hung-over regrets of "Lost Weekend" and "Day After," these 14 songs carve out places and faces that should be familiar to us all. Some songs, like "All Stars," and "She's Spinning" are wry (perhaps rye) observations made from the perspective of a barstool. "Blackout" tells a tale as dark as its title suggests, and "Settle Up" paints a picture any barfly will recognize. And "Oh Darling" puts you smack dab in the middle of a scene that strikes dangerously close to home, when a drunken girlfriend takes off the gloves. Believe me, I know you've been there.
So pour yourself a cocktail, settle back and listen to The Dino Club tell their tavern tales… It's time to say, Hey! Drink Up!

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Hey! Drink Up


Music by Mark Cutler

Mark Cutler & Lexington 1-2-5 (CD), 2000
Ten songs that can be best described as well-crafted and hook-laden guitar pop/rock. From the midtempo opener "Another Hall Of Mirrors" to the good-rockin' "Lonesome Pain," or from the pedal-steel and sax-powered "Mortican's Blues" to the sheer beauty of the acoustic "Up In The Air" -- it's always the song that matters!

Mark Cutler & Lexington 1-2-5

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Skylolo (CD), 1998
Named for a former wrestler, Mark Cutler's second solo effort typifies the small man wrangling with the tough issues of a big world. Twelve solidly-crafted catchy tunes run the lyrical gamut with the bittersweet "Skylolo," the working-class "Know Me By Now," the lustful "Candy Says" and the dysfunctional "This Family," just for starters



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Six All The Way (EP cassette tape), 1997
This tape features six songs to whet the appetite of fans waiting for the next solo CD. It packs a range of styles: Traditional blues in "Dirty Town," the humble journey into the strange world of a "Working Man's Wage," wall of sound punk in "Hall of Mirrors," Beggar's Banquet beat in "Mean Old World" and pop rock sounds in "Valley of Love.

Six All The Way

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Gasboy (CD), 1995
Written up by Mike Boehm in the Los Angeles Times as the Top CD of 1995, this eclectic collection of songs ranging from the pop single "Got No Choice" to the David Lynch-esque "Lost in the Flood" to the more alternative "A Ton of Regrets" shows off Mark Cutler's songwriting talents. A "must-have" for your collection.


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