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Hey! Drink Up
Hey! Drink Up, 2002

"It resonates with pop smarts and great vocal harmonies, searing guitar and, best of all, amazing hooks."

--Bob Gulla, Providence Phoenix, June 2002

"... the set does have the usual treasures, among them the memorable and melodic "Drinking In The Afternoon" and what could become an alt-country classic, "The Hideaway."

--Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine magazine

"Cutler writes catchy, sixties-influenced pop rock tunes with strong hooks and mile-wide guitar riffs."

-- Bob Cianci, The River Reporter, September 1998

"The pop hooks that he writes...ease into the listener's ears on cat's feet and curl up, purring."

-- Paul Moffett, Louisville Music News, May 1998

"... one of New England's most compelling tune-smiths, as well as a hellacious guitar slinger."

-- Jay Miller, Patriot Ledger, March 1998

"Characters in Cutler's songs work for a living. They've been through some tough times. They've seen a few dreams go up in smoke."

-- Andy Smith, Providence Journal, March 1998

Skylolo, 1998


Gasboy, 1995

"No one could ever accuse singer/songwriter Mark Cutler of producing pure pop music."

-- David Wildman, Boston Globe, August 1997

"...there's something fearsomely wild in his grim visions of frustration and loss."

-- Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, December 1995

"Today's Dino Club recalls Schemers of yesteryear"

The Providence Journal,
Dec. 2002

Schemers are back, with new recording

The Providence Journal,
May 2004

Check out this review in Rolling Stone of the Raindogs' first record!

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